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2013-01-18 | Le SX-DS-3000WAN de Silex Technology

Ce nouvel adaptateur qui sera à connecter un périphérique doté d'une interface USB à und réseau local est également compatible WiFi.

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2010-03-29 | Le SX-3000GB de Silex Technology

Ce boîtier de type NAS assure le partage de périphiqués dotés d'un port USB sur un réseau local Ethernet.

Visit the MOS Website. Read the article in detail (pdf Document, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader)
2008-10-22 | Photofinishing

Sony's Newest Snaplab Mini-Kiosk System Gives Event Photographers Wireless Shoot-To-Print Capabilities:

Using a Silex USB wireless device server, photographers with cameras capable of FTP auto file transfers can send digital photos directly to the SnapLab system. The images can be transferred via a wireless (Wi-Fi) or wired (10/100 Base T) connection and stored in a “HOT” folder that can be set to automatically print photos sent to the kiosk.

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2008-10-22 | Wireless LAN module supports 802.11n Draft 2.0

Silex Technology announced its new SX-10WAN 802.11n/a/b/g module for embedded wireless applications. This Mini PCI Type IIIA module supports the rapidly emerging 802.11n Draft 2.0 standard, which was designed for substantially improving the performance of wireless LAN (WLAN) networks.

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2008-09-18 | Rutronik and Silex sign European franchise agreement

With the Silex Technology product range, Rutronik will primarily be concentrating on the wireless LAN module product group, which supports a wide variety of applications. Whether connected to a micro controller or integrated directly into embedded boards using a mini-PCI form factor, the range offers huge scope.

2008-09-15 | Cutting the Cord: Make Your Crystalfontz LCD Display a Wireless Device

Break the limitation created by that USB cable and have a wireless solution for your Crystalfontz display.

Crystalfontz LCD Display
2008-07-28 | Linux, Security, and Low Power

Silex intelligent wireless module is ideal for mobile applications with minimal power usage.

Article Bio-Medicine
2008-07-15 | Secure Your Embedded Wireless Network

Connecting devices like medical instruments, weigh scales, printers, sensors, and other embedded devices to wireless networks allows the user to gain unprecedented freedom and mobility without the need for cumbersome cabling.

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2007-11-05 | Economic printing and scanning

Share your USB device over your company network wired or wireless.

Article Computer Zeitung - German only
2007-11-01 | WiDock - A wireless all-in-one dock that turns your iPods into an entertainment system

Highwire act. The WiDock can be synced to five different iPods and multiple computer.

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2007-09-20 | c’t tested and recommends the SILEX IPv6-IPv4 Converter

c't has tested SILEX' SX-2600CV. The German IT magazine c't recommends SILEX' IPv6 Converter.

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2007-09-03 | Printer/Scanner-Server from SILEX tested

Multi-function Server networks printer/scanner-Combos SILEX SX-2000U2 and C-6700WG network servers obtains best marks in c't's extensive benchmark test.

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2007-08-22 | Integration from Epson into Wireless Network

SILEX server integrates EPSON multi-function printers into WLAN. Product Bundle Epson Stylus printer and SILEX SX-2000WG introduced.

Article IT-Business - German only