Six Remote-Displays connected to one Computer

Silex Technology Unveils Wireless Display System

Meerbusch, Germany, 27. October 2009 – Silex Technology Europe, a global leader in device to device networking technology, today announced the NetDA-1 network display adapter. The NetDA-1 connects any display with a VGA interface to a wireless or wired LAN, making it available to work with a PC anywhere in the network. This innovative solution eliminates the conventional display cable length limitation, providing highly interactive virtual desktop experience without having to place a PC hardware resource for every display.
The NetDA-1 can remotely display to a connected monitor the desktop image from a virtually connected PC over the network. When used in the mirror mode, the PC desktop image can be delivered to up to 6 separate monitors via the connected NetDA-1 units. Alternatively, it can also show maximum 6 different extended desktop images of a PC when so configured in the Windows desktop. The NetDA-1 supports up to WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution. It provides the maximum flexibility for locating high definition displays, making it ideal for cost effective digital signage deployment. 

A powerful additional feature is the ability to network various other USB devices such as mice, keyboards, speakers or web cameras. This allows connected USBdevices to be available for use from any PC on the network as if they were directly attached to that PC. The NetDA-1 supports 2 Hi-Speed USB ports as well as an audio line output. The USB device networking capability makes the NetDA-1 even more scalable to create unique solutions. For example, by connecting a monitor and a standard USB camera to the NetDA-1 that is communicating wirelessly to a PC running automated audience measurement software, a media company can remotely measure the effectiveness of a displayed advertisement and/or understand the viewer's behavior. The capability can be most effectively enhanced when used with a touch panel display. 

With these integrated features, the NetDA-1 enables flexible usage scenarios for a minimal investment. The unlimited applications include standard offices, factories, retail stores, hospitals, restaurants, stations and convention centers, oranywhere digital information is being displayed today. The NetDA-1 will be available for shipment immediately. 

The product is available immediately. The MSRP is 349,00 Euro net.
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