Medical Grade WiFi

Medical Grade WiFi

Medical device connectivity has many unique requirements beyond what is demanded by the typical wireless customer. As a medical device manufacturer, how can you implement a Wi-Fi solution that addresses your specific needs?

Printer / Multi function devices

Network printing allows multiple users to share a printer, thereby saving cost by reducing the number of printers required for an organization. Although most of today’s business printers are network-capable, there is still an important need for print servers in a number of different areas.


Medical devices, such as EKG monitors and blood pressure monitors, have had serial interfaces for connection to a computer system for a number of years.


Scanners are relatively expensive devices that are usually connected to a single PC. But in many cases, the PC user actually only uses the scanner for a limited amount of time each day.

Device server and USB dongles

If you want to use a software that needs a USB dongle in a virtual environment this is usually a problem. With the device server you can store your USB dongle at a safe place and connect it to virtual machines.

Virtual environments

Use a USB device in a virtual environment: Just connect it over the network and use it as if it was really locally connected. Even if the virtual machine does not have a USB port.

Audio mixer console

Use your audio mixer console from a PC via wireless connection.

Production / Automation

Computers have been used for factory automation applications for many years. With the introduction of device server products like Silex’s SX-500 and SX-550, devices like programmable logic controllers and process control equipment can now be connected to networks.

Weights & Measurement

For many companies, such as shipping companies, measurement of weight is directly tied to revenue. For other, is it tied to cost. But in either case, weight measurements can have a direct effect on profitabilty.

Wireless Security

802.11 (Wi-Fi) wireless networking has become almost ubiquitous. Virtually every major organization has wireless capabilities, and wireless connectivity is available at Starbuck’s and many other restaurants.



IT solutions for Education
Silex leverages its connectivity technology and knowhow of ICT devices (Information Communication Technology) accumulated for more than 20 years.